#60 The Invisible Poet: „The magic of silence“

There was a meaning behind her silence
That couldn’t be described in words.
It was a powerful scream of honesty
And a silent whisper of regret.
It was the muse of artists,
The inspiration of poets,
And the question philosophers tried to answer.

Most people failed to see the beauty behind her silence.
They couldn’t understand it,
So they hated it.
But those who listened close enough
Could hear the magic that surrounded her wordless being.
Listening opened the doors to her mind that has been sealed for so long.
It opened the doors to the endless galaxies that were hidden inside
And the perfect storm of thoughts that raged deep inside her soul.

That was the force that drove her to completion.
That was the force that made listeners fall for her.
But it was also the force that slowly killed her.

The world is designed for screamers.
It is filled with beings that only survive by getting heard.
Those who managed to listen
Didn’t have the patience to understand her silence
And without somebody to share her quietness lost meaning.

Being alone turned into loneliness
And she craved the intimacy to another soul
That she needed so badly to survive,
Like a flower that is thirsty for the sun after a long, cold winter.

There was nobody that told her that her silence was perfect in a unique way,
So it destroyed her.
She lost her meaning,
She lost her soul.
In the end, she lost her life.
She gave it away freely, without a second of regret,
because she didn’t find her place in this noisy society.
She never found somebody that made her feel home.
Her silent whisper drowned in a screaming world.

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Von Cordelia

2012 habe ich für die Stiftung Hospizdienst Oldenburg die Onlineplattform da-sein.de für trauernde und sterbende Jugendliche aufgebaut, die seit 03/2013 online ist.

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